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Goodbye. Diabetes.
Towards the development of a treatment that completely cures diabetes.
The goal is to completely cure the disease, not just treat it symptomatically.

Greetings from the Chief Executive Officer

Our company, Biozipcode, Inc., is tackling diseases that have yet to be overcome, starting with diabetes. Our mission is to provide fundamental treatments, not just to alleviate symptoms. Toward this goal, we utilize cutting-edge scientific and technological advancements to delve into the essence of diseases.

Our research extends beyond the development of pharmaceuticals; it aims to improve the quality of life for each individual patient. To achieve the complete cure of diabetes, scientific discoveries alone are not enough; societal understanding and support are essential. Therefore, we place great emphasis on collaboration with healthcare professionals, researchers, and most importantly, the patients and their families.

Our efforts signify more than just treating a single disease. They represent a step towards changing the future of healthcare and building a better society. By confronting each disease, we believe we can expand the possibilities of medical care and offer new hope to patients.

Today, Biozipcode, Inc. continues to strive not only for the development of a cure for diabetes but also for new challenges that contribute to the future of healthcare. We sincerely hope that our efforts will soon have a direct impact on the health and happiness of patients. And we look forward to our endeavors becoming a beacon of hope in the fight against diseases for people all over the world.

Biozipcode, Inc.

Fumihisa Kojima

Biozipcode, Inc.

Company Name Biozipcode, Inc.
Established January 2022 (Reiwa 4th year)
Capital 70 million yen
Head Office Location Otsu, Shiga, Tsukinowa-cho, Shiga University of Medical Science Biomedical Innovation Facility
Representative President and CEO Fumihisa Kojima
Advisors Professor Hidehito Kojima, Shiga University of Medical Science
Atsushi Kumada, Former Member of the House of Representatives
Main Business 1. Research, development, and sales of pharmaceuticals, including diabetes treatment drugs.
2. Research and development of technologies for delivering drugs and other substances to specific cells based on cell-related databases.
3. Contract development of systems and data analysis utilizing technology mentioned in 2.
4. Research, development, and sales of pesticides and insecticides that do not cause environmental pollution, targeting non-human animals and plants, utilizing technology mentioned in 2.
5. Licensing and sales of patent rights and other rights related to the above.
6. All businesses incidental to the above.

Karahashi Bridge in Seta, Otsu City

About therapeutic drugs that completely cure diabetes

One in 11 adults and one in five elderly people have diabetes.
Diabetes and its complications account for more than 10% of the world’s total medical costs, costing nearly 100 trillion yen annually, putting pressure on the global medical economy.

Currently, even specialists believe that diabetes is an incurable disease once it develops.
Diabetes treatment is a coping therapy called blood sugar control, and there is still no “cure drug” yet.

A complete cure has been demonstrated in mice through oral administration or intravenous injection.
It has been announced that diabetes is not directly caused by the pancreas, but rather by abnormalities in hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow.



We will answer frequently asked questions regarding BioZipcord’s business. If you have any questions that are not listed in the FAQ, please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form.

For FAQs regarding individual projects, please see the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

What is the long-term strategy for growth and expansion in domestic and international markets?2024-01-21T20:33:51+09:00

The expansion into international markets is being considered based on the regulations and market demands of each country. Diabetes is a global health issue, and international demand is anticipated. Patent licensing agreements and other preparations are being made in each country before the completion of international patent transfers.

Note: The term ‘domestic’ refers to within Japan.

Are clinical trials and research for diabetes cure methods and products ongoing, and what have been the results so far?2024-01-21T20:33:06+09:00

The new drug targets all patients, including those with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and is effective for diabetes complications. It is currently in the planning stage of clinical trials. Animal experiments are being conducted on mice and also on larger animals.

What are the main research and development areas, and how do they align with the company’s long-term goals?2024-01-21T20:32:23+09:00

The main research and development areas are:

(1) Developing drugs that completely cure diabetes and its complications, focusing on specific cells that are the root cause of diabetes, and working on new diagnostic and treatment drugs.

(2) Advancing new ventures in the application of Biozipcode technology (cell targeting technology).

Could you tell us about the current capital and sources of funding?2024-04-12T17:23:45+09:00

Biozipcode, Inc. was established in January of Reiwa year 4th (2022) with a capital of 70 million yen. Funding has been provided by Representative Director Fumihisa Kojima and Studio Makyu Co., Ltd, along with their collaborating companies.

The development costs for new drugs usually range from several tens of million to hundred millions of USD, and funding is planned through investors, VCs, government and private grants, and partnerships for joint research.

How is Biozipcode, Inc. addressing untreated diseases like diabetes?2024-01-21T20:28:40+09:00

Biozipcode, Inc. is dedicated to tackling untreated diseases such as diabetes and providing fundamental treatment methods. To achieve this goal, the company conducts research using cutting-edge scientific technology to delve into the essence of diseases.

It focuses on achieving a complete cure for diabetes, emphasizing scientific discovery and societal understanding and support.

About the establishment of Biozipcode, Inc.2024-04-22T14:40:59+09:00

The establishment of Biozipcode, Inc. began around 2015, as part of a joint research initiative between StudioMakyu Co., Ltd. (led by Representative Director Fumihisa Kojima) and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Shiga University of Medical Science (formerly led by Professor Hideto Kojima, now a special professor).

StudioMakyu Co., Ltd. initially supported both traditional wet lab research (In Vivo and In Vitro) as well as In Silico research and development. This included using bioinformatics tools like BLAST, developing proprietary software, and performing large-scale computations with GPGPU.

In January 2022, Biozipcode, Inc. was established to continue the joint research with StudioMakyu Co., Ltd. . Subsequently, in April 2022, a joint research lab for “Regenerative Medicine Development Course” was set up at Shiga University of Medical Science, focusing on developing new curative methods for intractable diseases including diabetes, and establishing new treatments using cell-targeting peptides (Biozipcode).

Merchant Bankers Co., Ltd. promised an investment of 100 million yen and assistance in raising funds of approximately 10 billion yen. However, due to delays and refusal in the payment of joint research expenses, citing reasons like delays in peer review of lab papers, unpaid bills to the patent office for patent applications, and threats of termination of the joint research agreement, Fumihisa Kojima bought back all shares in exchange for the 40 million yen disbursed by Merchant Bankers Co., Ltd. and the costs of patent applications. He aimed to continue the joint research course. Currently, over 130 million yen is being spent on research and related expenses.

In June 2023, a study titled “Complete remission of diabetes with a transient HDAC inhibitor and insulin in streptozotocin mice” was published in Communications Biology, leading to an increase in joint research funds by Biozipcode, Inc. and accelerating the research. Plans are in place to continue research beyond the fiscal year 2024 and to consider business partnerships and joint ventures with pharmaceutical companies.

For the release from Merchant Bankers Co., Ltd., please refer to this URL.

Are you interested in our business?

Are you interested in our business?

Medical professionals, investors, and members of the press, please feel free to contact us by filling out the necessary information in the email form. Our representatives will get back to you promptly.

Medical professionals, investors, and members of the press, please feel free to contact us by filling out the necessary information in the email form. Our representatives will get back to you promptly.

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