Academic (Technical) Guidance

  • General guidance and advice on regenerative medicine and technology, etc.

  • Collection of bone marrow cells from animals such as mice and monkeys.

  • FACS analysis of cells.

  • Perfusion fixation of mice, tissue collection, frozen section creation, thin sectioning of tissue sections, observation of thin section specimens.

  • Guidance on planning pharmacological studies using diabetic animals.

  • Guidance on planning pharmacological studies using zebrafish.

  • Guidance in planning human trials (clinical trials/research).

Contract Research

  • Pharmacological studies using diabetic animals.

  • Pharmacological testing using zebrafish.

  • Planning and implementation of human trials (clinical trials/research).

*Please contact us for details regarding the academic guidance and contract research that Biozipcode, Inc. (Joint Research Course, Regenerative Medicine Development Course) can conduct.