Announcement of Capital Increase (Capital: 70 Million Yen)

Published On: 2024年4月3日Categories: Information

We are deeply grateful for the exceptional support and trust we have received from everyone on a daily basis.

In our corporate activities, the affection and support from all of you have been a great strength to us. We are pleased to report that, aiming to further strengthen our management foundation and expand our business, we have increased our capital to 70 million yen as of April 1st, 2024.

Details of the Capital Increase

Prior to the capital increase, our capital was 10 million yen. With this capital increase, our capital has been raised to 70 million yen. This enhancement of our financial base is expected to solidify our financial foundation and broaden the scope of our business expansion.

Future Outlook Following the Capital Increase

With the strengthened financial base established through the capital increase, we aim to provide services that further satisfy our customers, expand our business areas, and contribute to society. Building on the new capital, we will work together as one to advance creative business developments and strive to become a more valuable company for our collaborators in joint research and all stakeholders.

This capital increase is also a manifestation of the achievements we have built up to date and our firm confidence in the future. We renew our gratitude to our customers, business partners, shareholders, and all related parties and sincerely ask for your continued patronage and support.

Once again, we deeply appreciate your understanding and support for this capital increase. Please look forward to the future development of our company. We earnestly request your continued affection and support.