Announcement of Commencement of Advisory Services for Diabetes and Regenerative Medicine

Published On: 2022年9月12日Categories: Research

Biozipcode, Inc. is currently engaged in the development of a cure for diabetes, centered around Professor Hideto Kojima, the special professor at the Regenerative Medicine Development Course (a joint research course) established at Shiga University of Medical Science.

At Biozipcode, Inc. and its joint research course, a culmination of Professor Kojima’s extensive research is being undertaken. This includes identifying hematopoietic stem cells believed to be the cause of intractable diseases (such as diabetes, cancer, autoimmune diseases), as part of efforts to develop a cure for these conditions.

Recently, Biozipcode, Inc. has initiated advisory services (academic and technical guidance) targeting pharmaceutical and health food manufacturers, research institutions, and others. This initiative leverages unique technologies and know-how accumulated over many years of research in diabetes and regenerative medicine, under the collaborative framework of the joint research course.

Through these efforts, Biozipcode, Inc. aims to contribute to the product development and research of pharmaceutical and health food manufacturers, as well as research institutions, interested in diabetes treatment and regenerative medicine.

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