A research paper titled “Diabetes can be completely cured” was published in the scientific journal “Communications Biology”

Published On: 2023年6月13日Categories: Research

Our team has discovered new advancements in the treatment of diabetes and summarized these findings in a research paper.

This study suggests the possibility of remission (cure) of diabetes and its complications through treatment. These results were published in the scientific journal “Communications Biology” on June 13, 2023, where it was reported as a “new breakthrough in diabetes treatment.”

Specifically, we attempted a treatment method using a combination of insulin therapy and the HDAC inhibitor Dibinostat in a diabetic mouse model. This method confirmed the complete remission of diabetes.

Furthermore, it suggested that abnormalities in bone marrow cells associated with diabetes may be hindering the regeneration of β cells, and proposed treatment methods through bone marrow transplantation or epigenetic modification. In particular, treatment with HDAC inhibitors confirmed the effect of maintaining normal blood sugar levels even after stopping insulin therapy, which is being noted as a new approach in diabetes treatment.


Today’s published paper:

Complete remission of diabetes with a transient HDAC inhibitor and insulin in streptozotocin mice

Communications Biology volume 6, Article number: 637 (2023)


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