We will be collaborating with “Save Diabetic Pets Society” and Studio Makyu Co., Ltd.

Published On: 2024年1月7日Categories: Information

The Association for Saving Pets with Diabetes” plans to raise funds directly through crowdfunding for “research and development costs of a cure for diabetes” and “approval as a pet medication.”

The Association for Saving Pets with Diabetes / Supporters of ‘The Association for Saving Pets with Diabetes’

Initiated by Ms. Yoko Machida, this voluntary group within StudioMakyu Co., Ltd., is supported by everyone who supports us through crowdfunding, as well as veterinarians, physicians, and researchers.

Biozipcode, Inc.

A venture originating from Shiga University of Medical Science, Biozipcode, Inc. is engaged in the research of diabetes treatment drugs. They are developing new diagnostic and therapeutic drugs targeting abnormal blood hematopoietic stem cells that make the cure of diabetes difficult. They also conduct contract research in regenerative medicine, academic guidance on technology, and pharmacological tests.

StudioMakyu Co., Ltd.

StudioMakyu Co., Ltd. consistently handles web design, program development, and web marketing. They are involved in a wide range of businesses, including software, hardware, marketing, bioinformatics, and fintech.